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Lucky Shuistrology day for February


I LOVE February and this year so will you! The month actually starts off with highly charged energies and opportunities that will allow each of us to EASILY express ourselves while also inviting to be visionaries in order to SEE the future so you can create exact same. In fact, you take some intentional time the very first day to SEE your goals and dreams unfolding immediately before you, and, then, SHAZAAM, that’s exactly what will happen too. Speaking and seeing. Groovy. It’s almost as if January was just an extension of 2012 and THIS is the month that wakes everything and everyone up as we all continue on our collective journey of positive transformation. Use it or lose it – February that is. And while you’re doing that, spread the love by speaking all those thoughts and emotions with kindness and compassion. Wait until you see where that gets you! And speaking of speaking, you might just want to be asking yourself these next questions during this February:

Who am I?

Where do I want to be?

What do I want to be doing and who do I want to be doing it with?

There are moments now, in February, that are so overstuffed with potential to manifest magic that it would be a crime not to use them. This month really represents a tipping point of sorts. We are DONE, DONE, DONE with the past and enthusiastic and eager to create a more secure, stable and fulfilling future. Rage against the machine and speak your truth. Own YOUR power and move on. It’s time. To speak. To see. To make magic. Like I said before, SHAZAAM, baby, SHAZAAM.

FEBRUARY 1 ……… Take ten minutes today to ask yourself the questions I posited a couple of paragraphs earlier and WRITE down (in red) your responses. If you want to really activate an ages old but powerful technique and exercise, write down the answers as if it were FIVE years from now. You’re so cool.

FEBRUARY 4 ………. Mars conjunct spiritual Neptune asks you to perform some sort of charity work or service today since the karma you’ll accrue will triple with today’s astro energies. Any service at all - - even an intentional smile to a stranger will make a WORLD of difference. Want to get more proactive than just grinning and baring it? Look in your closet or on your bookshelves or in your food pantry and give something(s) to someone less fortune-ate or blessed than you. You will clearing the way for personal/professional opportunities all the while helping someone else too. Darn good day, darn good.

FEBRUARY 5 ……… Mercury the Messenger in metaphysical Pisces while also in mutual reception to generous, expansive Jupiter in communicative Gemini. Wow, said a mouthful there didn’t I? Speaking of mouths being full – ALL communications will go tremendously well today so send that text or that email or even put a stamp on it and send some snail mail. BUT…..before you sent anything…..surround your message with pink light that you intentionally send out from your heart area. Steep your message in this pink light and then hit ‘send.’ The ‘return to sender’ will be off the chain.

FEBRUARY 6 ……… SUPER DUPER UBER STELLAR DAY! Now, if you are reading these words for the first time that means that you are not yet a subscriber to my free monthly newsletter since that’s the ONLY way to get this information. That’s right, Super Stellar Day info and advice is my gift to my Empowered Elite community and only newsletter readers can get it. What are you waiting for? Head on over to and never miss an exciting and SUPER STELLAR opportunity again!

FEBRUARY 7 ……… Today is the first in my brand new POWER OF THREE series of webinars. Today’s ‘The Power of LOVE’ will bring broader opportunities to meet ‘the one’ for singles looking for same and/or will bring the pizzazz and the passion back to existing romances and relationships. And, well, if you thought you were done with love, think again. Secrets, tips, cures and more. Love, after all, is all there is. Learn how to hold on to it for ever and ever. AMEN. And click here:

FEBRUARY 8 ……… Messenger Mercury is conjunct warrior Mars and that means that it’s time to discuss (and resolve?) the past so that you can move confidently toward ‘happy ever after.’ But, before you ‘Say Anything’ drink this mix: Put some slivered almonds and a pinch of saffron in milk and gently bring it to a boil before lowering the cooking temp. Strain and drink. Drink to no more strain. Ancient sages say that whoever imbibes this magical mix will think only sweet thoughts and say only sweet words while forgetting their anger and their problems. Kind of like pinot noir, without the hangover. A perfect drink for this day.

FEBRUARY 10 ……… HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR and NEW MOON IN AQUARIUS too! This New Mon is conjunct Venus bringing a wealth and abundance energy to this innovative day of initiation. Start something new. Mercury and Mars are both square Jupiter so your projects or plans may not take off right away but today’s the day anyway to bring an idea out for a spin so it can make someone else’s head do that same thing. This is a grand day to introduce something new so whatever that means to and for you, just do it. And, then, do this: Bring the presence of the Sun and the Moon into your main work area in your home and/or office by having some symbol of each hanging behind you – the Sun to the right and the Moon to your left. The empowering energy offered by these two powerful planets is magically magnified with they are intentionally placed together. Especially if they are placed together today. HAPPY NEW YEAR! HAPPY NEW MOON! HAPPY HAPPY YOU!

FEBRUARY 11 …….. Mercury the Messenger is hooking up and hanging out with powerful Pluto and that usually means that inspiration and BIG ideas are in the air. Receive the blessings of both by activating the energies of your ‘HELPFUL PEOPLE’ area. Simply locate that same space ( and hit the Bagua link) by playing some music and dancing around in it or you can hang a mirror, a metal wind chime or even an image of a globe there too. Look, you can awaken those energies simply by stamping your feet in that space but while you do be sure to remember the BIG ideas now sure to come to you.

FEBRUARY 12 ……... Mardi Gras! Honest Abe’s bday. And Mercury trines Saturn so that the rest of us can sign whatever we want or commit to whomever we want or even make promises that we can keep without having miles to go before we sleep. That’s right, today’s a commitment kind of day that promises seriously swag outcomes. Now, what if the commitment you are looking for is a marriage proposal? Get eight small ‘boulders’ (stones) and spray paint them gold. Place them in pyramid style in the ‘ROMANCE/RELATIONSHIP’ area of your yard or even in that same space on your main floor. The top stone should be tied with 9 or 18 or 27 (or some denominator of 9) inches of red string, thread or ribbon. End by tying TWO knots. Place that stone atop all the others and leave this cure in place for 27 and/or 49 days. These stones should get you that rock.

FEBRUARY 14 ……... Happy V-Day! No, not Valentine’s – VENUS in Aquarius Day! So friendly to the Moon in Aries as well. Sexy, sweet and swell, you won’t need to flirt your head to catch someone special’s eye. Just make you wear red so that no one else is.

FEBRUARY 15 …….. Mars sextile Pluto puts possibility and potential at your doorstep. Illuminate it by turning both your outside front and your inside foyer lights on. Leave them on for at least three consecutive hours. Now you won’t have to go looking for the BIG IDEA as it will follow the lighted pathway right to you. Nice.

FEBRUARY 16 …….. Mars is trine Saturn setting off positive, results-oriented energies that will have an influence and impact for a long time to come. If you want one of those results to be more money and abundance in your life then before you head out for the day, draw a small dollar bill sign on the palm of your left hand with green ink. If at anytime during the day that symbol washes off, replace it. Do this for nine consecutive days straight and pretty soon not only will people be eating out of the proverbial palm of your hand but they’ll be laying some cash and coin across it too.

FEBRUARY 18 ……... Saturn is going retrograde today. ‘Night, ‘night Saturn. The rest of us get a break from this Taskmaster until July 5. Woot! Oh, and Sun enters Pisces – all’s right with the world. If you don’t agree you may need to do a bit of internal cleanse. Take a quarter (the coin) size piece of the peel of nine oranges and put the nine small circles of orange peel in a bath. Soak for at least twenty minutes and then know that stress and strain go down the drain. Worry and woe too. Leaving you cleansed of anything negative. All better now.

FEBRUARY 20 …….. Sun conjunct Neptune stirring up a high vibe where creativity is concerned. You’ll find that you can really express your thoughts and emotions by using some of that swirling creativity to your own advantage. Dance, sing, write poetry or create art and pour your heart and soul into it. The Muses are with you making this day simply heavenly!

FEBRUARY 23 …….. Boo! Hiss! Mercury the Messenger going retrograde. Back up your computer or put your head in the Cloud. Keep an eye on your travel and your time since Mercury can screw with both. And leave your phone in the waterproof case or don’t say that I didn’t warn you. Re-trograde. Re-view. Re-vise. Re-visit. Will be well worth the effort and you have a full three weeks to do any or all of those activities. WELL worth the effort.

FEBRUARY 25 …….. FULL MOON in detail oriented and organized Virgo while mars is conjunct retrograding Mercury - - a mixed bag of a day. Five planets paradioong through Pisces promise an air of kindness and compassion but Sun square Jupiter and Mercury conjunct Mars predicates watching what comes out of your mouth. Rather, why not just play it safe and keep it zipped? If you must jump to conclusions (probably falsely so!) then do so in your head but wait for another day to accuse. Remember today is KINDNESS and COMPASSION all the day long. Write those words down somewhere where you can see them and remind yourself the whole day long. Oh - - and you know who you should be the kindest and most compassionate to? That’s right – YOU!

FEBRUARY 28 ……. Venus conjunct Neptune makes this one of the most romantic evenings of a romance-soaked month. You might want to diffuse some ylang-ylang essential oil around your rooms. This love and romance attracting oil is better than fairy dust – especially on this magical day.