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Lamar reviews - Jack Reacher

This movie is based on a book by Lee Childs. There are 17 books and I’ve read them all. The entire time I’ve been reading these books I kept saying “why in the world is somebody not making movies about this character?” I did a little research and found out Childs had sold the movie rights twice for a good chunk of money but a movie never got made. When I heard there was finally going to be a movie I was excited until I heard Tom Cruise was the star. The character Jack Reacher is 6ft 5 and weighs around 250 pounds. Tom Cruise is 5ft. 7 and weighs probably 160. Lee Childs explanation made sense. The first 2 times they couldn’t find a 6ft 250 pound star that the studios would invest in. When you go with Tom Cruise you get the money and backing and you get a really good actor. I took a “We’ll see” attitude and five minutes into the movie Tom Cruise was Jack Reacher.

The basic story is 5 people are shot on the street. The investigation points to a guy who was a sniper in the Army. It looks like a slam dunk. When interviewed all the guy would say was get Jack Reacher. The suspect gets beat up in jail and is in a coma and can’t tell anything. He and Reacher have a history but they are not friends. His attorney (played by Rosamund Pike) hires Reacher as an investigator. Reacher is out to prove him guilty but things start happening that makes him think he may be innocent.

This is an awesome action movie. I took Carla and Alex and they both loved it. I went to see it again with my friend Pat who has never read the books and he loved it.

Let’s all agree that Tom Cruise is a nut job. Let’s all agree that in front of the camera he is a great actor. Let’s all agree that even though he is on the road to destruction and eternal damnation, he is one good looking 50 year old man. He’s still go plenty of action movies left in him. There is a trailer for one called Oblivion, and he’s got at least 3 more including Mission Impossible 5. Let me say again, Tom We still have room on the J-team. It’s not too late, Jesus ain’t mad at you!

Its Rated PG13 and a little over 2 hours.

My Score a full 6Pack