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Lamar's Review: Wreck-It Ralph

There is nothing worse than seeing a trailer and thinking a movie is going to be great only to find out the trailer was way better than the movie.

In this case after watching the trailers for Wreck-It Ralph I really didn’t care to see the movie. Man, what a pleasant surprise! Not only were the actors voicing the characters awesome and the writing very cleaver and very funny on both kid and adult levels, but it was also a great story.

I like a cartoon. Yeah I know we are supposed to call it an animated movie because nobody wants to pay $10 to see a cartoon but whether you draw it, or use a computer for me it’s still a cartoon.

Just like in Toy Story where the toys have actual lives when the kids are not around, in this movie the characters in arcade games have lives when the arcade closes. One of those characters is Ralph (voiced by John C. Riley) who is the villain in Wreck-It Ralph. Wreck-It Ralph is a video game that has been popular for thirty years which is unheard of in video arcade games.

In this game Ralph is a huge muscular guy who assaults a high-rise apartment building pounding holes in it on his way to the roof. From the roof he throws things down on Fix-It Felix Jr. a handyman voiced by 30 Rock’s Jack McBrayer.

Felix has a magic hammer that repairs the building as he works his way to the top where he throws Ralph off and wins a medal for saving the day. A lot like Donkey Kong. After the Arcade closes Felix and the rest of the tenants have parties and don’t invite Ralph who lives alone in the garbage dump. Ralph is tired of being the Bad guy and he attends Bad Anon, a support group for video game villains but he is still not satisfied with his life.

Ralph is sure if he can win a hero medal everyone will like him and life will be good. During closing hours characters can visit other games so Ralph goes off searching for a medal. Along the way he meets a tough as nails Sergeant voiced by Jane Lynch who leads troops fighting Cybugs in a game called “Hero’s Duty”. He winds up in Sugar Rush Speedway which is a combination of Mario Cart and Candyland. He meets Vanellope von Schweetz who is voiced by Sarah Silverman.

How they got her to say this much dialog without cussing is beyond me. Vanellope is a glitch which means every few minutes she turns into digital blocks and nobody in the game will have anything to do with her. This bonds her and Ralph immediately and she gets him to help her enter the big race.

Trying to keep her out of the race is the ruler of Sugar Rush King Candy voiced by Alan Tudyk. There are a couple of rules that affect the story. You can die and come back unlimited times in your game but if you die outside your game it’s forever. Because Vanellope is a glitch she can never leave her game.

The movie is 101 minutes and rated PG-13 for some cartoon violence and rude bathroom type humor. An example: Vanellope tells Ralph “I guess you really gotta watch where you step in a game called "Hero's Doodie"!

The actor’s voices are perfect matches to the characters and it really makes the movie.

My Score: 6 Juice Boxes