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  • Marie pulls the pranks after the vino.

    Sheri came across an article about how white wine creates a different character in women after consumption. Marie agreed with this study because it causes her to pull pranks and lose clothes. Find out what lesson Marie has learned about her and white wine. Read More
  • Morons in the news 1-27-15

    Today's morons include a man on a bike riding into the police station to borrow a gun. Another morons got caught using the carpool lane while kidnapping two men. Find out what the other morons are up to. Read More
  • Moron of the day.. Let me borrow your gun!

    “Hey, let me use your gun!” Deondrae Hall asked a Florida detective walking into the Boynton Beach Police Department headquarters. “I need to use your gun to take care of some niggas who robbed me,” Hall explained. Read More
  • Sports confuse me with Jim Szoke 1-26-15

    Today's episode of Sports Confuse Me with Jim Szoke continues with Deflate-Gate. The week of the Super Bowl and the NFL is still talking about the deflated balls and the Patriots response. TV scientist Bill Nye debunks the Patriots theory on how the balls got deflated. Plus Coach K scores his 1k victory. Read More
  • Morons in the news 1-26-15

    Today's morons include a low speed chase on scooters outside the Wal-mart. A mother/son dispute leads to the arrival of a hatchet. Plus another moron attempted to fly drugs over the border with a drone. Read More


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