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  • Morons in the news 5-28-15

    Today in morons in the news we met parents naming their children some of the worst names out there. 30 people get evicted from their hotel after a fight breaks out over a waffle maker. Plus a man named Notorious headed to the slammer. Read More
  • Sports Confuse Me 5-27

    Today's sports confuse me includes discussion about LeBron and the Cavs moving into the NBA finals. Competitive fisherman eats the winning fish. Plus NASCAR has a cologne! Read More
  • Clip of the day.. Kim's on Strike!

    In the chatroom we spoke with listeners that are driven crazy by "Those" people. Kim's had enough of being the family maid so she went on strike. Find out how long she went on strike and what happened. Read More
  • Morons in the news 5-27

    Today's morons feature a man attempting to rob a store with his last name on the back of the his favorite team's jersey. Another moron decided to buy his dog not one but two Apple watches. Plus a moron that claimed a man fell right out of the sky to cause her to drink and drive. Read More
  • Sheri's Tap Dance Recital

    May 25th is National Tap Dance Day! In honor of this very special holiday we present to you Sheri Lynch of Rhythm Dance Studio's "Tapping Mamas", dancing to Brick House! Read More


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