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  • Morons in the news 10-13-15

    Today's collection of morons involve a man that fails at his attempt of stealing a Hello Kitty backpack. Another moron was an underage boy that stole his mom's car with the help of a booster seat. Plus a rodeo brawl leads police on horseback chase. Find out what the rest of the morons are up to. Read More
  • Moron of the day... 10-13-15

    Meet Whitney Marie Beall. Read More
  • Rick the caveman bodybuilder

    Rick joined us in the chatroom to talk about the things women do that he's not a fan of. After talking to Rick for a bit we started to get a closer look into his life. He broke out some knowledge about weightlifting that we never knew. Read More
  • Dee has more than half the list.

    Bob had a list of things that women do to their bodies which turn their significant others off. Dee checked in to mention that she had more than half the list. Find out what she has and what she's planning on getting. Read More
  • Morons in the news 10-12-15

    Today's morons include a robber that called Uber for his getaway car. USC coach is asked to take a break from work after showing up to meeting under the influence. Plus a woman makes the mistake of super glue and not eye drops. Find out what the rest of the morons are up to. Read More


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