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We Spend Less on Father's Day Presents

Why is dad getting the short end of the stick?

June 16, 2017

Did you get your dad something special for Father's Day coming up on Sunday? I keep seeing some amazing gift guides floating around if you need some inspiration on what to get that special man in your life. 

Ramona posted a whole bunch of free or cheap ideas for Fathers Day. You can see her list here

Fathers work hard and deserve to be pampered on their special day. But it's been found that we spend almost $50 less on Dad than we do on Mom for Mother's Day. 

The average spent on dad in the US for Father's Day is $135 while we spend about $186 on Mom every May. Why are we spending less on dad? 

Before I give you the scientific reason behind it, I'll give you my hypothesis. Think about gifts that are targeting people shopping for Mother's Day. Typically it's flowers, jewelry, or a spa treatment. I would venture to guess that flowers are a bit more expensive on Mother's Day because there's such a big demand. It's kind of like Valentine's Day. All the gifts I keep seeing for Father's Day are ties and simpler items. 

So why does expert Dr. Lars Perner think we spend more on Mom? He believes essentially that people think that mom did a lot more for the household and family and that's why she tends to get more money spent on her than dad.