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5 Things People Regret the Most

Without risk, there's no reward!

December 21, 2017

We all have regrets! Sometimes these regrets stem from not wanting to take a big risk because we were afraid we'd fail miserably. But what are the most common regrets that most of us have?

A study was done by the University of Illinois and it found that most people regret the things they didn't do rather than the things they did do. What are your biggest regrets? Not taking that risky job when you were younger? Not telling your best guy friend you were in love with him?

1. Romance/Lost love 18%

2. Family 15.9%

3. Education 13.1%

4. Career 12.2%

5. Finance 9.9%

If you are heading into 2018 with any regrets, only you can do something to make a change. Want to make amends with that family member you haven't talked to in years? Do you hate your job and want to go back to school for something new?

I firmly believe that it's never too late to change directions or try new things.