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Stuff talked about on the Anthony Michaels Weeknight show.

The most popular way adults get their music is . . . God's favorite medium, RADIO

Believe it or not, one in 10 adults still get their music from CASSETTES. In a new study, 9% of adults say they get their music from cassettes . . . that beat out LPs and several major streaming music services. And the most popular ways they get music is . . . THE RADIO. Followed by iTunes, CDs, YouTube. Read more...


Eggs used to be considered bad for you. Then they were considered good for you. And now they're back to being bad for you. A new study found egg yolks clog your arteries and can cause coronary artery disease almost as rapidly as SMOKING. More research needs to be done . . . but the doctor behind the survey says people at risk for heart disease should scale back on eggs NOW Read more...