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Stuff talked about on the Anthony Michaels Weeknight show.


Smokin' is a band featuring David Krol - Eddie Darst - David Hill - Daryn Owen & Freddy Trumbower. They will be playing in Rock Hill in May Smokin FaceBook Page


Bad Habits

A new survey asked people what bad habits they want their significant other to fix. 79% of people whose partner smokes say they wish they'd quit smoking. And 59% say they wish their partner would lose weight. But only 21% wish their partner would cut down on drinking Read more...

The Incredible Fainting Meat Loaf Tour

Meat Loaf passed out on stage again. He fainted during a show in Pittsburgh on Thursday . . . and again on Sunday at the New Jersey Balloon Festival. It's starting to look like Meat Loaf's done . . . with the exception of one final tour. Read more...