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The most popular baby names of 2012

The Social Security Administration recently released their list of the most popular baby names of 2012. Fans of reality TV (or anyone who’s ever read a gossip mag, like, ever) will notice a trend- celeb monikers are still popular. Scarlett, Angelina and Khloe all make appearances on the new list (along with celeb spawn names like Mason and Jayden). Fictional characters have provided naming inspiration as well. The fastest-rising names for ’12 include Arya, as in Arya Stark of Game of Thrones. The top 10 girls’ names last year were: 1. Sophia 2. Emma 3. Isabella 4. Olivia 5. Ava 6. Emily 7. Abigail 8. Mia 9. Madison 10. Elizabeth The top 10 boys’ names were: 1. Jacob 2. Mason 3. Ethan 4. Noah 5. William 6. Liam 7. Jayden 8. Michael 9. Alexander 10. Aiden