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Four Weird Things That Make People Like You

A lot of things determine how likable you are. Obviously your looks and your personality are two BIG ones. But here are four WEIRD things that make people like you more.

1.) Asking for a Favor. But only if you say "thank you" afterward. Studies have found that asking for a favor and saying "thank you" actually make you more likeable than DOING a favor for someone.

--It's partly because we subconsciously like it when someone OWES us a favor. It's also because when YOU do someone a favor, they forget about it pretty quickly. But when they do YOU a favor and you THANK them, it sticks in their mind. (--It's actually called the "Ben Franklin effect," because Franklin realized that if you can get someone to do a favor for you, it tricks them into suddenly thinking they like you . . . even if they HATED you before.)

2.) How Good Looking Your Friends Are. Researchers tested this one by setting up two fake Facebook accounts that were exactly the same. The only difference was, one of them had HOT friends, and the other didn't.

--Then they showed both profiles to people, and asked if they'd like to meet the person. In the end, people were 20% more likely to want to meet the one with good-looking Facebook friends.

3.) Wearing Clothes with Brand Names on Them. They don't even have to be NICE brand names. Just having ANY brand name on your shirt makes you more likeable, because it makes people more likely to TRUST you.

--In one study, two groups of researchers collected money for charity: Some of them were in plain clothes, and some were in clothing with brand names. And the ones with brand names got twice as many donations.

4.) Embarrassing Yourself in Public. A bunch of studies have shown that when people see you embarrassed, it makes them think you're nicer and more trustworthy.

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