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The Four Best Places to Meet Someone

It seems like EVERYONE is dating online now. But there ARE still ways to meet people in the real world. Here's a list from Yahoo of the four best places to meet someone when you're NOT in front of your computer.

#1.) The Grocery Store. The old "frozen food aisle" thing is kind of cliché. You know . . . single people buying frozen meals might run into each other. But everyone has to buy groceries. So keep your eye out while you're there, and don't be afraid to flirt.

#2.) A Sporting Event. Obviously it's not the best place to meet WOMEN. But tailgating is a good way to meet GUYS. You just need to avoid the ones who are hammered drunk, and the ones who look like they're WAY too into the game.

--Or just go to a sports bar on any Sunday during football season, and the same rules apply.

#3.) Any Large Body of Water. This doesn't do you much good in the fall, but maybe there's still time. A lake, the beach . . . you KNOW a lot of single people will be there. And chances are, they'll be looking to have some fun.

#4.) A Wedding. The reasons are pretty obvious: It's romantic, there's dancing, there's alcohol, and a lot of people have hotel rooms.

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